Gearing up to walk.

First off there is no way to gear up to walk. You don’t work yourself up to it, you don’t get yourself in shape for it, you don’t get help to go, you don’t eat right for it, you don’t really get your mind right for it. You literally just get up and walk. Now for some that’s very simple. Well some of it is, the concept at least.

But to others it’s not. The exercise of walking is a daunting task. It requires preparation, the right clothes, the right music, the right setting, the right equipment, and of course you have to have someone to go with. Taking all that into account walking becomes so much more than it really is. You really have taken a molehill and turned it into Mount Everest.


Now if you’re a toddler, and you’ve been crawling, your next instinct is going to be to walk. You’re not really going to think about it, or contemplate what equipment you’re going to need or clothes you’re going to need, probably not going to have any clothes on, honestly. When your fancy strikes you’re going to grab ahold of that table, you’re going to pull yourself up and you’re going to walk. You’re going to put one foot in front of the other and you’re going to move!

The joy and Elation that you feel as you move forward will be nothing like you’ve ever felt before. All at once you’ll realize this is where you were headed all along. Nothing holding you back, nothing dragging you down no one telling you to stop, everyone is encouraging you,”Yay go you!”


For the next 20 years when you get up and walk for the most part nothing will slow you down. You will be encouraged to move as fast as you can, unless it’s running in your mother’s living room. If that’s your location to move as fast as you can, you can expect the beating of your life, especially if that’s the third time she’s told you to quit running in the house.

Following that walking becomes a chore. Walking become something not as joyful, it comes attached with so much more than just moving forward. For most, it becomes associated with requirements that no one wants to deal with. For others it becomes associated with cliches lines of “Do I have to?”, “Well you should, if you want to live past 40.” Walking becomes a daunting task of exercising and keeping in shape for anyone past the age of 30 it becomes a requirement of staying healthy as our body start to fail us. Most of us will never have enough time to get in the required amount of walking in a day or week or month, prescribed by our doctors to keep us healthy. We will never meet the standard requirement of exercising, whether it be cardio, weights or calorie burning.


But there are those who dedicated their life to trying to help others who will never ever meet those standards. They’ve written books, upon books, upon books, about how to walk. Our library is full of them! How to get up and move. What equipment you need what music you need, where’s the best place to walk what kind of terrain to get the best out of each step, the most out of each move.

When in all reality, if you think about it, if you have time to sit and read that book you have time to get up and put one foot in front of the other, step outside your door and move. No special equipment required, no special music required. The terrain that He has laid before you is good enough, the shoes on your feet will work just fine if you’re an adult then you’re wearing clothes, we hope. If the birds are singing then you have music, and you have everything that you need for a well-needed walk.


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