Paying the Price

Everyone is different. No two people think about the same thing the same way. This makes every person unique. This in turn is what makes our world really awesome. If the people living here thought the same way about everything, nothing would change. The Industrial Revolution would have never taken place. The American revolution, the Roman Road, the Pyramids and any other great accomplishment by humanity you can think of would have never taken place, if everyone had the same train of thought.


Let’s scale that down a bit. Marriage in my own words is like laundry, if you don’t wash it, clean it, freshen it up and keep it mended it will get stale, nasty, start growing mold and you will have to throw it away, like most people do today. Marriage is also like laundry in the fact that it is a never ending job, and spouses may not always agree on how it should be done. She says sort colors and fabrics, he says toss it all in on high heat! It still has to be done, everyone’s has to be done, and everyone needs to participate, otherwise the weight of the responsibility can crush the one person.

On both accounts, the big and small selfishness ( yes I know selfishness again) plays a big part. Why do people do what they do? Bigger question! Why do you do what you do?

This past week I let my selfishness get in the way of my priorities. I let my wants and what “I” thought was important get in the way of what truly mattered.

The after effect is that what truly mattered has taken a massive blow and I now have to take major steps to repair the damage I have done all because of selfishness. All because I couldn’t see past what I wanted. I couldn’t see the other person in this relationship and I let them down.


We will be fine. We have a firm relationship that is grounded in the love of Jesus. That is the only thing that sustains us and will repair our hearts. The fact remains though that my focus on Jesus went wonky and I wasn’t the only one who paid for it, nor am I the one paying the most.

So before you start losing your focus on Jesus and chasing after this world and all it has for you, remember Jesus has all you ever need.

Psalms 5:3 I lay down and sleep; I wake again because the Lord sustains me.

Going along with what Charlie was preaching on today, Mark 16:4 the stone was rolled away. Why are we worried about the stone. It’s time to stop worrying about what’s stopping me from fixing things, He’s has taking care of the stones. Now it’s my turn to run with the message of love.


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