My Greatest Fear

My greatest fear, is my children growing up in this world as it gets worse. It’s bad enough now. Driving to work this morning, beautiful sunrise, the flowers are blooming, Jesse Clay is at work, and I just dropped the boys at daycare. I was listening to the radio as I left the daycare and heard about a man who killed 10 people in Canada. Just ran them down with a vehicle. The worst part is my first thought was well that’s nothing new. That is awful. My next thought was Jesus can’t get here soon enough. My greatest fear is leaving my children alone in this world to face it by themselves. Leaving them unprepared, without the resources, the know-how, the necessary abilities to deal with anything that comes along, that is where my heart starts sinking.


Some days I feel like I’m failing them, when it comes to teaching them everything that they need to know about this world. I know that every day is a gift. I know that every breath we take could be our last. When that thought hits my mind I think, “Oh no I have not had the chance to teach them everything they need to know to survive this awful sin sick world.”


I am not invincible. Jesse Clay is not invincible. Gdaddy, Granny, Aunt Kelly and Uncle Chris, are not invincible. When it comes down to it eventually my babies will have to face this world by themselves. They will have to face everything that comes with it, without me. Holding up in a cave, hiding under a rock, or camping out in the woods where no one can find you, is never an option. We’re too opinionated for that. Right now, I have to teach them everything I know about dealing with the tragedies of this world, while also enjoying this life.


Everyday we get closer to that day when the clouds will be rolled back like a scroll. That is going to be an awesome day. Honestly I can’t wait, but I’m going to have to. You don’t rush the Creator of the universe. You don’t tell Him what to do. So while I have time, and breath in my body, Praise The Lord, I’m going to instill, teach, love, enjoy, and help my children gain the knowledge that they need to survive and thrive in this world. This world is not what it was meant to be. This world is not our home. So while we’re renting it out, we’re going to make the best of it, and I’m going to help my children be the best versions of themselves they can be. I guess my question for the rest of you, what textbook are you using?