Taking a Look Around

I wrote this one during the frenzy of ball season. I’m not sure about the rest of yall, but at our house ball season throws everything in disarray. So while you are reading this picture yourself in the middle of little league baseball season in Mayberry, USA, because that is where I live, and I love it. For the rest of yall, we got two bridges and two swamps pick which one you want to cross as you leave. Hope you enjoy the read, I love feed back by the way, positive or corrective. I promise not to sic my big sister on you if you pick on me. There are a couple of church ladies though you might not want to mess with though, they have unofficially adopted me. Thanks again, Holly!

May 11, 2017 7:15 am HWY 51 Headed north to Live Oak. Using Voice to Text, no I was texting while driving, edited later because my phone has a hard time with my accent, which I don’t have. Thank you China!

Who goes on vacation to Georgia, Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina, West Virginia, some of you may be even going to Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, or even out West? Why do you go is it for the food, the people, the atmosphere, the scenery, or is it for the entire package? What is it about these places that drawn our natives?

forest mountains fog clouds

Photo by Creative Vix on Pexels.com

The last time I was in Georgia, North Georgia that is, was on my honeymoon about 10 years ago. In fact June 12th this summer is our 10th anniversary, go us! Before that North Carolina right before the Storm of the Century, our family had gone on vacation to the mountains.

I did go that way on our 8th grade Washington Trip, I think some of yall can reminisce with me there, unfortunately I think it was at night time and we are all asleep during that leg of the trip. Still anytime I visited that part of the country it has always been breathtaking.

Here lately on my morning drive to work I’ve had the radio off, and I’ve just been paying attention to what I’m passing. Not really rubbernecking, just enjoying the view. Wondering what it is that drawers the tourist to Florida. We know they come to the beaches, but what do they come here for? Why do they come to Lafayette, Suwannee, Taylor, Dixie, Columbia, Madison, Hamilton, and Gilchrist. What’s so great about these itty bitty little towns, that would interest someone? What’s Mayberry hold for the rest of the world?


So this morning while I’m pumping gas, after I had drop the kids off at daycare, after rushing around the house for 30 minutes trying to find one red baseball sock, that never made it into the washing machine with its mate, I realize the simplicity of my morning. Yes I was in town, at a store, getting gas, but so far, aside from my husband I’ve only talked to two people face-to-face, we’re talking adults here so my kids don’t count. I’ve been up since about 5:30 this morning, that’s about the time he left for work.

So I got to considering this, what is it, that draws so many to this place, and why am I happy where I am? Content to not have a deli or coffee shop or shopping mall on “every” corner. Would I love a fast food joint on the corner? Sure most would, but it nor is any of that other stuff going to be the difference that makes my everyday.

You see I know why I am content and happy with this rental, cause it’s just that! I’m making the absolute best of it, enjoying the blessings bestowed on me. Taking one day at a time, one moment at a time, realizing I’m not God and to be honest there is very little I have control over. If the God of the universe decide to do something then who am I. Ahhh y’all! But to be apart of something He is doing. I know a couple who will read this a think, “This is me, with my hand up!” There is no greater joy than to lay your life down for another.

Now yall are thinking, “I ain’t dying for nobody!” I gotcha, that bills paid. Your a free  man, or lady. The “laying down part” is where we look for our fellow man in need of a hand up or swift verbal kick in the the theoretical behind to motivate them. That’s why we are here. We are here for others. That my friends is what draws those tourist to this area. It is very rare to find what we have here in any other part of the world and sometimes we take it for granted.

They may say it’s rivers, woods, wildlife and hunting, but we know we got something special in this part of the world they don’t even have North of the Mason/Dixion line.

Y’all ponder this with me, and enjoy your day.

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