Rubberneckin’ & Standards


7 a.m. walking out the door to leave for the day. Most days of the week Jesse clay has already been gone for an hour and a half 2 work. So as I’m leaving the house if there is a vehicle passing I pay attention. For the most part because we live in a small town, I know everyone who passes. If I don’t recognize the vehicle, I pretty much just assume it’s a relative of someone who lives nearby. I don’t live in the hunting woods so I doubt very seriously that it’s a hunter or somebody just out for dirt road therapy. My dirt road is half a mile long.

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At this time of morning when a vehicle does pass by and slows down to the point of a crawl, and looks like a gangster vehicle, the driver of course looks like they’re breaking their neck because of the Rubberneckin going on, I get very suspicious. The first thing that I think is did I lock the doors. So this morning after said vehicle past, I went back and made sure the door was locked. This was followed by a message to my husband about th vehicle, my suspicions and just an FYI.

Not until about 15 minutes later, after realizing what actually happened was I completely dumbfounded. You see as most of you know I was fat chick in class. Never had a boyfriend, never got hit on, first kiss was at 19, so yeah didn’t have a clue what was happening. Honestly thought the guy was checking out my house not me.


This brings me to my next point. What kind of idiot guy thinks he’s actually going to pick up a girl by slowing down as he drives by her house at 7 in the morning, as she’s loading up her children on her way to work? Honestly, ladies this cannot actually work. I mean don’t get me wrong I think maybe I might have appreciated the compliment afterwards, but then again I’m trying to get over the question of where’s that standards at. Did this person not have a job? Are they moseying somewhere? I’m so confused. Why are you out at 7 in the morning wasting gas? Even if I was not married I would not want to date someone who was out wasting gas come on people, manage some resources here!

I mean I realize this is all speculation on my part, but here I am thinking about all this, I’m putting two kids in the car going to work, and theoretically if I was a single woman would I consider dating a person who just passed my house. The answer is no. So he’s clearly wasting his time, and his gas by moseying by my house and checking me out, and will be the first person who I named in the police report if my house gets robbed. As slow as he was driving I can describe his truck to a T, electric blue, Chevy S10, lift kit, custom rims, tinted windows, and there’s a few other details I’ll leave out so y’all can’t pinpoint him on the road. Y’all get my drift though.

So this post is probably for you slow driving dude out there who are wasting your time thinking you going to find a girl by checking her out in her front yard on her way to work. Good luck with that, because that’s going to fly like a lead balloon.

I suppose this post is also for the guys out there working hard and actually making it happen, those are the guys making the world go round they don’t get enough credit. Most of them are already taken because some girls seen their worth and snatch them up faster than they can blink.