My Love

You see all the time where people post how happy they are to be married to their best friend. Or the the other ones, that they can’t believe they got to marry their best friend. Kudos to those who were in the friend zone and managed to get out. I hear it is the purgatory of the dating world.

I was never in the friend zone with you. Ever. In fact when most people ask us about our story, we tell them straight up, we couldn’t stand each other. I was that loud obnoxious girl that worked on a neighboring farm, and you were that stuck up preachers kid working on the the other farm. That was our opinion of each other. We couldn’t see passed ourselves to see each other.


(picking out tuxes for our grooms men)

Personal I blame our younger siblings some what, they were dating and then broke up, and in the middle of all that we crossed paths. I think we would have eventually gotten around to it anyway that’s just how it happen.

You caught me checking out my own butt in the mirror at the theaters and thought I was the cutest thing. Next thing I know your truck is chasing me down a dirt road a week or so later to ask if I want to watch a movie sometime, and I’m telling you to look up my brother in laws phone number in phone book. Which I knew they didn’t answer by the way, I was just so nervous, I’d never been asked out on a date before, are you kidding me! So that’s why I called you over to watch a movie, later that week. That was in October.

November you made it official and took me on my first ever real date, to a movie and every thing, high class to Chick-fil-a. That was a night I’ll never forget. Walked out of the movie cause it was awful, then you get attacked by a palm tree as you drive by it. You looked like you were fixing to kill that poor palm tree because it had the nerve to grow into the road. I’ve notice we never ride with the windows down in Gainesville anymore.


(Trying out our new phones, 2011 when we first trade apple for android)

March 18 2007, you had been out in West Florida for a few days on a church trip. You had just got back, you were in a fired up hurry to see me. I think you missed me. You picked me up and we went to you house. You were piddling on you computer. The one with the sound bumper sticker across the top. You were always burning a CD back them for church or something. We ended up in the hay field off Keenesaw Road. It was cold but it was so pretty out. You had that CD playing. “My Last Name” by Dierks Bently came on and you pop the question. This ring fit like it was made for me. We all know what I said.

June 12, 2008 was the big day. Now for those of you reading this, please don’t think that between November 2006 and June 12th 2008 that it was all rainbows and sunshine. Because it was not. We had our fights we had our ups and downs we had our squabbles we had our low point, but I think what helped us to realize that we would be able to make it to where we are today and continue to make this thing work till death do us part and then some, were those moments that were not perfect. Those moments that we had to work through together. We still have those moments, and we still work through them.

You see a lot of times people think that wedded bliss, is just that, “Bliss” and it stays that way and it’s all just blissful. Well if you keep up, you’re just going to end up with a blister. Well these days its more like a can opener. Now your think Holly, “Where are you going with this?”


(our ninth first date anniversary, my love recreated the date, this time we didn’t walk out on the movie and there was no attacking pine tree!)

Can openers, I can’t tell you how many can openers we’ve been through in the last 10 years, and you would think “Oh my goodness where did this come from?” But they just don’t make can openers like they used to, Jesse Clay and I have both said if we could find a can opener from World War 1 or World War II we’d be the happiest people on the planet. Which is really sad when you think about it. Am I comparing a can opener to marriage, buddy you better believe it.

The only good ones you can find these days, are electric they come with a knife sharpener they have to have electricity they can’t be put in the drawer they take up space on your counter and they’re just bulky. You cannot find a simple hand crank good quality can opener. There is no simplicity to the mechanics. I wouldn’t even know how to repair one if it broke. The only thing I could do is throw it out, no simple screwdriver to tighten up a loose screw and make it work better or WD-40 to loosen up the gears. Those would be the equivalent of prayer and communication when you are talking about marriage by the way.


(Myans 1st grade field trip to Jacksonville Zoo)

We have had a lot of bad examples along the way, and we have had a lot of good and great examples along the way. We’ve gotten to know each other and ourselves, and as we have grown as a couple, we haven’t lost our own individuality. I’ve written before about selfishness and jealousy, both of these emotion play a big part in marriage. This are two that I struggle with the most. I’m a very self person and I can be jealous to the point of ridiculousness if I’m not careful. Knowing that, and coming to terms with it has helped me to deal with it and help you do deal with it as well. You’ve put up with a lot from me over the last 11+ years, as have I, I suppose. That’s the beauty of marriage, there is the taking, but then there is the giving. When you figure out that you get more out of the giving then you do the taking, then you’re getting somewhere.


(a recent day at the park with dad)

Today, for those who haven’t put 6, 12, and 8 together, is our 10 year anniversary. If feels like just yesterday I was decorating the community center and ordering napkins. Here we are though, 10 years, a Mynomite, Robinator, and Jedi Skywalker later and we are living the dream. I started off talking about friends, we were never friends I have plenty of friends, they live in other houses. You Sir are my lover, husband, kismet, and any other synonym you want to put there. I have plenty of friends. You Lover, will never be in the Friend Zone.


(March 19th 2017, our 9th engagement anniversary, Beauty and the Beast had just hit theaters that weekend. He bought the dress, higher the photographer and got a babysitters set up. He even had us a room booked in Valdosta.)

2 thoughts on “My Love

  1. Love the story of yall. Although you did get the date wrong up top March 2017…love you and Happy Anniversary to both of you


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