“There’s No Crying In Baseball!”

FYI: this was written at the end of baseball season after confirming that children are no longer sent to the dugout after getting out on base.

Okay so I’m fixing to get my rant on. I love Mayo. I love our little town. Even with all the gossip and the drama and everything that goes with it, I always have. No matter where I’ve gone no matter what I’ve seen or how far I’ve traveled, which isn’t very far, I always come back to little old Mayo. This is home for me. But dadgummit, when did we start not putting people in the dugout when they get out at first base. I realize it’s t-ball, but this is when we start teaching kids the basics of the game.

What’s the purpose of them trying to catch the ball and throw it to first base, if they don’t get the runner out. Matthew 22:6 Jesus says “Train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old he will not depart from it.” Which means the things you teach your children as they are growing up, those are the things that will stick with them as an adult. So I ask you, what are we teaching our kids?

Myan is 8 now, this was his fourth year. This was the second year of rookie. He played t-ball for 2 years. But the years he played, t-ball if he got out at first base or second base or third base by golly he went to the dugout. He was out. That’s how he learned what an out was. That’s how he learned sportsmanship. That’s how he learned how to deal with sports the right way and what good sportsmanship is. I’ve seen a couple of players get all hopping mad, throwing their hat in the dirt jumping up and down all the way from first base across the field to the dugout, because they got out. Okay, apparently someone did not teach them that when they get out it’s “okay” or they just didn’t believe they were out, and need to learn what happens when they disagree with the Ump. That’s part of the game. Myan gets out at first base all the time because he doesn’t run as fast as some of the other kids. He can hit the ball! When he does hit the ball, a lot of times there’s someone on second or third base and they make a run to home, which means Myan scored. So even though he got out at first base he still scored.

Had to explain that to him at one of his last games, cause he started crying in the dugout. “Dude there’s NO CRYING IN BASEBALL! I realize you got out! That kid playing short stop threw you out again, but if he hadn’t, then Boone wouldn’t have been able to make it home and score. Therefore, I have no idea why you’re in here crying when you just scored a point for your team. When you get to Heaven, Jesus ain’t going to care whether or not you made it on base, but if you played your best. Are you playing your best?” “Yesss, ma’am!” “Then dry it up and get your hat and glove cause that’s the third out and yall are in the field!”

During practice they throw, catch, and run, and practice batting and that’s great, that’s when you’re supposed to practice those things. During practice is whenever you work on throwing the ball, how you should throw the ball, where you’re supposed to throw the ball when you catch it. This is also when the coach figures out who plays in the what position the best. The game however is not practice it is not a scrimmage it is the game and should be played as such, otherwise what’s the purpose of the game why are we here, if not to play by the rules.

If you went to a major league baseball game and sat there for the whole thing and watched as the infield caught the ball made a double or triple play and nobody got out, what would your reaction be? You just sat there and watch the play of the decade be made, that ball went from third base to second base to first base, as players were rounding the bases, but the previous batter still remain on his base and the score was made the bases are still loaded and the next batter is up to hit. You sit there. Have you been transported to new dimension, did they change the rules without you knowing? Do they get points now for throwing the ball from base the base? How is this game scored now? Somebody get me a rule book! You see what I’m saying!

You know they took “Last Man Standing” off the air because he was a angry conservative well I am also angry conservative. I have a problem with my child playing baseball the wrong way. I realize we don’t keep score in t-ball and I’m okay with that. I realize that the last batter runs all the way around the bases no matter whether it’s a home run or not and I’m okay with that too.

Why have the other team in the field trying to stop the ball and throw it to one of the bases to get the player out, if the runner is just going to stay on the base anyway. At the end of the day you’re not teaching anything, except that hard work doesn’t pay off, the rules don’t matter, and it doesn’t matter at the end of year how I played I get a trophy and a cupcake anyway.

Not sure about the rest of yall, but this mom is tired of enabling children to be brats. I honestly believe that Graduation should be for Seniors and colleges. Kindergarten and all the others I believe should still be recognized and rewarded but that’s what it should be called, and awards ceremony. Graduation implies that they have accomplished some great feat, when in reality they learned how to write their name, and maybe wipe their butts, if we are lucky. That was extra by the way!

Baseball is America’s game! You want to see the decline of our nation, start looking at how you teach kids how to play baseball. The rest just falls into place. If I hurt your feelings I’m ok with that too. It would be the equivalent of me getting you out at first base.