Rough Start

This morning I had a rough start. On holiday to see family. Not on my normal routine. My sugar is wanting to give me a fit. My head is spinning, think I’m ovulating which if you are a female of any kind this comes with a whole bag of side effects. I was hoping to have a regular morning with no issues personally anyway, just hanging out and enjoying family. Instead I end up dealing with myself try to figure out what my mental and physical problems are. Then I realize what I did wrong.

Its 11:30 and I have yet to have a conversation with Jesus. I’m so caught up in getting the boys straightened out and making sure everything is all good and trying to figure out what my problem is, I missed my most important engagement this morning and it has thrown my whole day off.

I’m behind on one of my Christmas devotions so I’m going to share a couple of versus because I honestly was just floundering around. That focus and purpose was missing.


If you think your quiet time isnt important, your are gravely mistaken. It can change your world. Moments in prayer, refocusing my day, gainig perspective on my weakness, realizing that I’m ok and it’s not the end or worst day ever, yeah makes a big difference in how the rest of my day/holiday will go.


I have a post I’m working on about how a lot of people seem to think I rely on my husband to keep me going or that I lean on him or that he’s my rock. Well he is my husband, but he isn’t what sustains me through the roughest, toughest, times. I not such a horrible person as to put that responsibility on him. He’s a man’s man by every definition but he is still a human being. My rock and foundation is Jesus, I go there first. I am weak, feeble and frail in my humanity as is every human. The man of the house included, so that weight of holding me up and keeping me together when nothing else can falls on the creator of the universe. If he can hold our existence in balance surely my personal ecosystem is no big. So I leave you with the last verse.


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