Returning Home

Been reading a devotion taken from Kyle Idleman’s book AHA (Awakening, Honesty, Action). Today was the last day of it. It talked about the prodigal son throughout and how he went through those stage. How all three were required. A three ingredient recipe in which if one ingredient is left out, the whole thing is a bust.

This last devo brought out something completely different. It talked about the good son. It said that the bad son was lost in his badness or something like that, but the good son was lost in his goodness. He was doing everything right. All the right actions, working in his father’s field and house, but he had no awakening or action towards his father’s love. Yet he was there in His house the whole time “working”.

I was recently called a “Miss High and Mighty”. I took offense to this. I still take offense to this. I don’t like being put on a pedestal. It’s kind of like a turtle on a fence post, you know a person put it there and it doesn’t belong and it will fall off eventually! The reason being, it’s not what God intended for it.

Turtles are slow creatures, slow to speak, slow to act, slow to react. As much as I try to be like the turtle I’m not there yet. As Mandisa says, “He’s still working on me!”

Turtles are low to the ground creatures. That being said, I consider myself a servant. I’m not the best servant and I can get a little dictatorship sometimes with my directions, Jesus will then spiritually pop me in the mouth and I return to my turtle mentality. Thats how it is suppose to be. That’s how I like it. I am a behind the scenes person. I’m a director not an actor. So I guess sometimes I do get the older brother syndrome, I’ll need to reflect on this more.

Back to the son’s, the good son brought me back to myself though. I am in my Father’s house. I get to work and minister for my Father. So am I lost in my goodness? That “Miss High and Might” comment has been nagging at me ever since. Conviction of the heart not a bad thing, so I’ve heard.

The devotion finished by saying they were both prodigals. One who had been in a foreign land and one who had been at home the whole time. Both had lost touch with the Father who loved them dearly and wanted His children back!

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