Prepping For Use

Gen. 50:15-19

I have been sharing as of late about moral earthquakes in our lives. Just like physical earthquakes don’t just happen, neither do moral earthquakes just appear overnight.

Earthquakes, though in our eyes seem to come out of the blue, have actually been in the making for some time. As the continental plates shift and slide against each other they become stuck or jammed. When these plates free themselves a major jolt is felt above ground. It rumbles and shakes and tosses and jerks and wreaks havoc on the surface.

These “edges” let’s say, are called fault lines.

In moral earthquakes the scenario is the same. What we visibly see on the outside in someone’s life has been in the works beneath the surface for a while. Secret fault lines.

It is where we get the phrase: no blow outs just small leaks.

When we think of Samson in the bible we often conclude that Delilah was his undoing. As you study scripture you quickly find out his undoing began some twenty years earlier.

Though we have seen where Samson had ignored God’s will, word, and work, we have another man we can look at to see the other side of the coin.


Joseph and Samson had a lot in common.

According to scripture they were both handsome young men. They had great personalities. They both had the Lord with them. They both found themselves away from home in the midst of hostile and heathen environments. They even faced very similar temptations.

What made the difference in the outcome?

We have already labored over Samson and have seen where, though God had gifted him with Godly parents, he chose to ignore their wisdom and substitute the world’s ways instead.

Let’s look at Joseph.

  • The End. Gen. 50:15-19
    • Ending well is important.
      •  It is not always the journey along the way that tells the real story as much as the end of the journey.
    • What we see in this scripture is a man, who in the world’s eyes, has every right to be vengeful, hard, down right tortuous to these men.
      • But what we see is a man full of grace because he had already received it.
      • We cannot give what we haven’t received.

I want to give you three truths in the preparation of God’s man Joseph.

  • His Location Developed His Capacity.
    • In slavery Joseph labored under difficult circumstances. 
      • Never do you read where he thought he deserved better. Where he complained or was ready to throw in the towel.
      • Joseph knew who held his future.
    • Has it ever dawned on you, the difficult place you are in may be the divine hand of God preparing you for a greater use?
      • How many folks have fell out with God because of the places they find themselves in? 
      • What they don’t remember is asking God, whatever it takes God.
    • So as God even uses their blindness, bulliness, and brainlessness to build them. Waiting on them to turn to Him.
      • God may put you in places that seem so wrong, so negative, yet it is here that he is equipping you for a greater use. 
    • In slavery, Joseph’s life was hard and unappreciated. What he did was expected of him. Even if he did more than expected he was still in the place of a slave.
      • It was in and through this miserable time that God developed him for a far greater use.
    • This should be great encouragement for you who are suffering hardship.
      • Rather it is the issue that has arisen from this pandemic, or people you work with or family you live with. Proverbs has a great word for you.
      • Pr 16:3, “Commit thy works unto the LORD, and thy thoughts shall be established”
    • Don’t act foolishly to adverse circumstances.
      • Don’t blame others for your misery, your ill temperament, your cussing and fussing.
      • Joseph never sought vengeance against his brothers.
      • Remember: Ro 8:28, “And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.”
      • It doesn’t say “all things are good”.
  • His Lowliness Developed His Character.
    • Joseph worked as a slave. Then he worked as an inmate and worked up to a trustee.
      • The proudest people I’ve met usually came from nothing and act as if they are God’s gift to mankind.
      • Joseph was a favored son. He was a prince in one respect.
      • From favored son to fellow slave. From prince to pauper.
    • Nowhere do you read where he was crying ‘you just don’t know how it used to be”.
      • 1Pe 5:6, “Humble yourselves therefore under the mighty hand of God, that he may exalt you in due time:”
    • Character is vital for service. 
      • This is what people know you by. Your character.
    • God goes to great lengths to develop character in His chosen.
      • If you are born again, you are His chosen.
    • So often you hear hardships develop character. In truth, hardships reveal character.
      • God has been busy revealing the character of His church.
      • God is far more interested in changing your character than your circumstances.
  • Joseph’s Attitude Developed His Consideration.
    • When Joseph was brought to Potiphar’s house to work, he worked. He served.
      • The fact that he was mistreated and enslaved didn’t affect his work ethic.
      • Because he did good with where he was and what he had, folks took notice.
    • It is easy to say when you feel you’re in the right place and position that you’re doing well.
      • Real testimony of character comes when you’re in the wrong place and position and you’re doing well.
  • Samson and Joseph had a lot of similarities but one major difference.
    • Samson knew God, knew about God, but trusted in himself.
    • Joseph knew God, knew about God, and trusted God.
    • It made a major difference in their outlook and their outcome.

Today are you more like Samson or Joseph?

Have you been blessed with the knowledge of the truth but still place your trust in yourself?

Or have you realized, what trusting in yourself has really produced?

These are unique times we are in. God is using them to draw folks to Him. The Way, Truth ,and Life.

He is using them to reveal and build the character of His body.

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