A Clear Look At Mother’s Day. 2020

Titus 2:3-5

I know those of you who keep notes must notice that I have used this scripture for Mother’s Day many times. I have. Because I simply believe in the message. It is so relevant for today’s mom.

I am so proud of our young mothers. The world has led many women away from investing the necessary time into their children, of course the modern man hasn’t helped much in raising the bar for Mothers, but Covid19 did!

It is not that they were not capable or ready for the task, it just wasn’t required. So many rose to the challenge and revealed what they made for. Greatness.

I am proud, to say the least, at watching many of our young mothers. I was amazed as I followed them on FB, and saw the kool innovative ways they were teaching, training, leading their children. We have had those who have taken a major part in what God is doing here in this minute part of His glorious body of believers. They have insured their children were a part of this strange but exciting time. They endured practice after practice, helped in cleaning up and setting up and taking down, while not neglecting their part at home.

Mothers of generations past understand the ginormous task of being involved with things outside the home while raising children, but it is something that has been lost in these modern days. 

For many, NOT ALL, but for many their career, their lifestyle, their self-indulgences, have taken precedence over real child raising.  So this morning I would like to try to restart that women’s movement of years gone by, before the feminist faction robbed women of their integrity and changed the character from holy to haughty.

Under the appearance of helping women achieve equal status in the workplace, which is a worthy endeavor, Women’s rights groups have continually tried to undermine the authority of the word of God by stating it as sexist, chauvinistic, and degrading to women  

I praise God for those who have not fallen prey to this scheme but see God’s word for what it truly is. 

Like the devil before them, the world cannot produce what it says it can. But a life sold out to God through His Son Jesus of Nazareth brings fulfillment and purpose and contrary to what many think, has nothing to do with being barefoot and pregnant, weak-minded, or inferior.

We quickly forget, it was Jesus Christ who gave women freedom, who raised their status up from common property to the very image of God.

I would like to rekindle the fire of those who chose God’s way. Also to challenge those who have been duped into believing the devil’s lie that the worldly way is more exhilarating and fulfilling to dive into the high road; a life fulfilling, exciting, rewarding and no regrets, one that is pleasing to God.

When the word of God is used in the Spirit of God by the people of God for the glory of God to do the will of God, you’re able to live life the way God intended and enjoy the freedom of God.

The bible is God’s standard and when applied it lifts us up to a higher plane of living.

This is what Paul is giving to Titus, instructions for lovely women coming out of the pit of paganism. 

Let’s look at what Paul is instructing Titus to share with those God placed in his life.

  • The Standard. (V3)  Before duty is given the standard is set.
    • Paul is weeding out the silly in order to have room for the serious.
      • In every station of life you have those wannabes.
      • These are folks who don’t want to pay the price, don’t want the 0discipline, but want to be known as such.
    • Paul is laying out the standard for women of integrity
      • God set the standard high for mothers
      • Just because a woman has children makes her no more a mother than having eggs in your fridge makes you a chicken.   
    • Notice what the list starts with. Holiness.
      • What is God interested in?
        • Not that you keep your hourglass or grandfather clock shape
        • Not that you know all the answers to Jeopardy
        • But that you develop a Holy character.
      • What is this holiness?
        • Simple way of putting it, you say you believe God’s word is without mistake and powerful, let it rule your actions.
      • Because this is what is going to serve you and those you love best
    • He mentions false accusers. In the Greek it is “diabolos” where we get the word devil from.
      • It is speaking of gossip. This is not a female characteristic. I know men who can put the most wagging tongue to shame.
    • Not given to much wine, teetotalers. 
    • Teachers of good things

The standard is set, now the duty is given.

  • The Duty.(V4)
    • Teach the younger women
      • Must be willing to teach and be teachable.
      • This is the hardest principle to instill in many believers.
      • They either want to let someone do it all or they want to do it themselves.
    • One of the lost arts that have fallen by the way side is mothers taking quality time and instilling within their children, grandchildren, things that are special to them.
      • Mainly because it’s hard and time consuming. 
      • What is of value to you?
    • What to teach?
      • Not just preferences, traditions. Please understand there is nothing wrong with passing down precious memories or recipes or simple times. It is the priority placed on them.
      • I have a friend, who for years used the reason for not coming and being a part of a local congregation “we eat at grannies every Sunday and you’re not to be late.”
      • How many have passed down to the demise of their own loved ones the priority of traditions over the things of God.
    • Give them something of substance that will help them be holy
      • To be sober: have a sound mind
      • To be discreet: have self-control
      • Chaste: pure 
      • Keepers at home: good house keepers.(another lost art) for the wellbeing of you and your family.
      • Not teaching them to be grumpy hard and cold, but teaching them to be founded so they won’t get carried away with the latest craze.
  • This seems strange to me.
    • It speaks of teaching them to love their husbands and their children
      • Why would they marry if they didn’t love their husbands?
        • Mmmm!
    • One of the things this new age feminist group that has invaded the church says “it is not commanded that the woman loves the husband.” Wrong!
      • It is not that loving your husband is a virtue but not loving him is a sin!!!
    • What about children, don’t women automatically love their offspring?
      • Being of the female gender doesn’t make you motherly no more than living in a tree makes you a pine cone.
    • Genuine love for a child is hard. It is easier to just give in or give up.
      • It is something that needs to be passed down, shown, and demonstrated.
      • Many of these girls were coming out of pagan religions that had terrible practices involving children.
    • You might say ok I give you that but why here in God blessed America would a woman have to be taught to love their children?
      • No matter if you’re here, or India, France, you always find the same thing.
  • Our natural tendency is to serve self.
  • Our needs, wants, ambitions. Our desires compete with loving anything else. ANYTHING ELSE!

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