Knock, Knock

Covenant Day 2020

Rev. 3:20-21


Revelation is a thrilling book full of mystery, miracles, majesty. It tells us what to expect, what to do, and who we can trust. Here in this third chapter as Jesus the Amen, the Faithful and True witness, the beginning of the creation of God, shares the past present and future we see a marvelous characteristic of our Lord.

  • Jesus Knocking:
    • Not just a tap and go knock. Not a rum pa pa bum knock, but a patient determined knock.
      • It shows how devoted Christ is to His creation.
      • It shows how patient he is as He stands outside our heart and knocks.
    • Outside our heart! Not in the things we value, we love, we enjoy. 
      • He is willing to stand outside all the things we put before Him and patiently lovingly persistently knock.
      • It shows those who are willing to look, how much He loves us!
    • When I read this I get the picture of everyday life.
      • Jesus is standing, knocking on our door but the TV is too loud.
      • Jesus is standing, knocking on our door but we’re busy with tending to our possessions. 
      • Jesus is standing, knocking on our door but we are too ashamed for Him to come in and see. 
      • Jesus is standing, knocking on our door but we’re arguing about…
    • Jesus is constantly knocking. Not only for the unbeliever to open their heart but for the believer to declutter their heart.
      • He lovingly, patiently waits and knocks. Giving us plenty of time to answer.
  • Jesus knocks through His word.
    • The BIBLE holds His truth.
      • Our hearts open as we read and study His living word in private devotions. Spending time listening as well as praying.
      • Our heart burns within us as we prepare to gather with His saints and hear the word proclaimed.
      • Our heart is changed as we take in what God has prepared for the body as we serve together the same vision.
  • Jesus knocks through the Holy Spirit.
    • The Holy Spirit is that which guides us in His truth.
      •  Aides us in understanding of His word.
      • Places us in the midst of His people.
    • The Holy Spirit convicts of sin and points to the answer. The only answer for man’s sin problem. JESUS!
  • Jesus knocks through His people. The Church
    • Our primary goal in this life is to live, love and lead a lost world to Jesus.
      •  By the way we live out our lives they should see a difference that points to Jesus.
      • By the way we die to ourselves and love the unlovable they should see Jesus.
      • We should all know how to introduce them to the risen Lord.
    • We work with each other in various ways to be the best we can be for our Lord Christ and King.
      •  As iron sharpens iron.
      • We lift one another up in prayer and support. 
  • Jesus knocks through circumstances.
    • Have you heard any knocking lately?
      • Of course this covid circus, but what about life in general.
      • Relationships, occupation, finance, health.
    • As this covid circus plays out, you will begin to see:
      • Those who were fearful or leaning to a worldly wisdom coming out like Brave Barts never dealing with the truth.
      • Still Jesus knocks.
    • Husbands and wives living pitiful lives. 
      • Fuming, fussing, and fleeing. Unable to agree that their walk with God or the lack thereof is the basis of their self-destruction.
      • Still Jesus Knocks.
    • Workplace woes.
      • Jesus has placed you with who He wants you to be with and where He wants you to be.
      • Yet we whine and whimper wasting precious time that could be used for the King’s glory.
      • Still Jesus Knocks.
    • On our poorest days we here in GOD BLESSED AMERICA are richer than most of the world.
      • Still we deny God’s provision by hoarding, wasting, stealing the very blessing God grants us.
      • Still Jesus knocks.
    • He blesses us with good health.
      • We use it to fulfil our desires, our lust. 
      • We enjoy all the great and wonderful things God has placed on this earth but find we have little time for serving.
      • As this world reminds us it’s not forever, our health deteriorates. We gripe about not feeling like doing anything wishing we had better health so we can SERVE?
      • Still Jesus knocks.
    • Our Lord knows our sinfulness, our filth, our hypocrisies and He patiently, lovingly knocks!
  • I am so grateful for the day the Holy Spirit tuned my ears to hear his knocking on my heart’s door.
    • So loud and clear. Unmistakable was His calling.
      • He empowered me to open the door of my heart and He came in, just as He promised.
      • Though I have failed Him many times, He has never once faltered in His promise.
      •  He has continually loved me, strengthened me.
      • Chastised me because of this love. And lifted me up. 
      • He has carried me not only in tough times but through every time.
      • Because I have learned, I can’t even walk without holding His hand! 
  • In 2013 Jesus moved upon the body of New Hope. He provided and planned away for us to do the unimaginable.
    • It wasn’t that we just have this building. But we have seen Him countless times provide means of continuing His mission here.
      • Even in the midst of adversity, division, apathy, deceitfulness, God has continued to bring sons and daughters to Him. 
      • We have been invited and involved with many different works.
      • But this is important! It is not over!
      • Jesus is still knocking.
  • There is a great promise here in this 21st verse.
    • I believe it is what Paul was referring to when he told Timothy.
      • Ti 2:11-13, “It is a faithful saying: For if we be dead with him, we shall also live with him: If we suffer, we shall also reign with him: if we deny him, he also will deny us: If we believe not, yet he abideth faithful: he cannot deny himself.”
    • Today Jesus is knocking on the door of your heart.
      • Are you able to hear it?
      • Are you willing to hear it?
    • It is time for us to rise above the noise and become who Jesus originally intended for us to be.
    • It starts with you!

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