No Worries (Right Living)

Philip. 4:6-9

Counselling. I have realized in my years as a pastor when it comes to counselling that no matter how schooled you are, no matter how personable you are, no matter how many you have been able to help in some way or fashion, counselling is dependent on ONE thing.  The desire of the one being counselled. 


You must have a desire to do, be better than what you are.

When it comes to being controlled by worry, I can be the most eloquent speaker. We can do study after study. Research every great spiritual leader. Until you put into practice what you already know it will be like most other solutions we look to God for. 

God has set forth conditions that we must meet in order to win the war with worry. Right Praying, right thinking and right living. Simply put, putting into practice what God’s word says.

  • (V9) learned.
    • Gk. Word- (mathano) learn by inquiry or observation.
      • This is really the part of Christianity that I feel the majority either have never been taught or simply don’t give a rip.
      • Something is required of you!
    • I feel the reason the Body of Christ is inundated with spiritual retards, is the majority never put into practice none of what they learn.
      • Why do you think it is so easy for many to just pick up and go?
      • Why does those who have professed to be saved for so many years struggle with the basics of what they believe? 
      • Why when trials and temptations come, so many revert back to their old nature or attempt to combine the two?
    • Not willing to learn.
      • I understand this a lot more than I want to admit.
      • I was not a good student. I had great teachers. Great parents that provided me the opportunity to learn.
      • I simply didn’t give a rip. I have suffered for it greatly.
    • I still don’t curl up with a good book. Like to study and read. 
      • But because of what God has done for me and continues to do in me, I have made it a discipline.
      • I enjoy learning how I can please the one who saved me. He means that much to me.
  • Second part of this verse is received. 
    • You cannot put into practice something you don’t buy into.
      • You don’t buy into anything you don’t see value in.
      • When you learn and receive something you take it as your own.
      • You know it inside and out.
      • It actually means to take to one’s self. Personal, intimate.
    • Paul is telling these believers he recognizes not only have they learned, but they also received. 
      • It is obvious because when you take something to heart you put it into practice.
      • It shows up in everyday situations.
    • If it is not showing up in the good times, the bad times and times in-between.
      • Could it be you never took the time to learn it or never received it as anything of value!
  • The last part of this remedy for right living is; heard and observed.
    • Reflect for just a moment. How many sermons has God allowed you to glean from?
      • How many opportunities to learn, Sunday School, life groups, training union, Wed.nite services, revivals men and women meetings.
      • He provided them rather you thought they were of value or not.
    • Jesus had His disciples three years. 
      • He poured into them, taught them, and was an example to them. 
      • Then gave them the Holy Spirit to teach, remind, lead.
    • You might not have had the Son of God physically alongside you but look at all the examples He has afforded you.
      • Parents, grandparents, siblings, kin, friends, teachers, preachers, bible teachers. The list goes on and on.
    • It is not that we haven’t heard, haven’t seen. So what made the difference?
      • In Hebrews we are told about those whom the Lord God delivered form slavery in Egypt.
      • Heb 4:2, “For unto us was the gospel preached, as well as unto them: but the word preached did not profit them, not being mixed with faith in them that heard it.”
      • These saw the great miracles God performed through His servant Moses. They were called God’s chosen. Yet many of them did not find His rest.
    • They refused to receive it. Have faith, buy into it, or take it as their own.
  • God has laid out for us a master plan to conquer enemies like worry.
    • I tell you a truth. If your life lines up more with those who refuse to receive. You have something far more to be concerned with than overcoming worry in your life.
      • You need to quit convincing yourself you’re alright before you get all left.
      • God dearly loves you and really wants you to know Him and his plan for your life that nothing you can dream up can rival. TODAY!
    • For those of you who have continued to grow in your love and trust for the living God, we must have right praying, right thinking, and right living to escape the snare of the devil called worry.

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