To Impact Our World

Romans 2:10-11

God has created us all different. We do not have the same talents, abilities, skills or even motivations. When we are convicted by the Holy Spirit to repent of our sins and submit to the Lordship of Jesus Christ, these traits that God has placed innate within us begin to be applied the way they were created to be used.

Though God has created His crowning achievement with diverse talents and such, when He places us into His body we all become one. We are in the same family.  When C. Herbert Woolston penned the words to Jesus loves the little children He got it right. Red and yellow, black and white. They are precious in His sight. All followers of The Way and The Truth and The Life are important.

Though we are blessed with more than anyone can imagine. Here in this verse Paul brings out three things that every believer has been granted by The One True God.

These three gifts are in stark contrast to what those who rebel against God’ gracious offer of salvation earns.

Indignation, wrath, tribulation and anguish will be their wage. Understand, it’s their choice! But to those who are saved by yielding our wills and ways to His, Glory, Honor, and Peace.

  • Glory.
    • This deals with dignity.
      • You want to see a picture of mankind without dignity. Turn on your TV. 
      • When you don’t have self-respect, you will never respect others.
    • We are not talking about pride.
      • Pride is based on an imaginative overestimation of one’s self.
      • You place your value on a family name. A financial holding. A culture and even education or lack of it.
      • Your respect is bound in your skin color, place of birth, or having it better than others in your family.
    • Dignity comes from simply knowing that God doesn’t create trash.
      • Because God created you just like He intended, you have admiration for your body, mind, and spirit.
      • You are grateful for who you are and others cannot belittle your existence.
    • God gives us Glory. We are created in His image.
      • It is not based on a hairstyle or color, a body image or stature. And it never oozes out in the form of arrogance or superiority but shines like the sun.
      • It radiates. People take notice. Like they said of the disciples. They could tell they have been with Jesus.
      • An old saying “if you could buy him for what he’s worth and sell him for what he thinks he’s worth you’d be rich.” 
  • Honor.
    • This deals with value or worth.
      • Just like I said about dignity, you want to know what mankind looks like when they don’t value themselves or each other. Turn on the TV.
    • Why would abortion, legalization of illicit drugs, abuse of alcohol, homosexuality in all its forms, sex trafficking and the like, be so alluring to the human race?
      • If you don’t have any value, or think you’re of exceptional value, you see nothing wrong that devalues yourself and others.
    • History reveals man apart from God has no honor.
      • As you look at the acts of mankind it is evident we have placed an over exaggerated value on self and an under estimation of value on self- worth.
      • I.e. it’s all about me. It’s all about me. But I’m not sure I like myself.
    • God places honor upon His creation by purchasing them off the slave market with the very blood of His Son.
      • You are worth the pain and agony, the humiliation and defamation that was placed upon the King of Kings.
      • He took all that and more because He loves you.
    • Self-worth, honor creates within you the knowledge that your value is not based on what others think or feel about you.
      • It doesn’t create an over exaggerated view but allows you to see the truth. That you have a creator that loves you and cares for you and has prepared for you a life that nothing you can imagine can rival. 
  • Peace.
    • I have spoken a lot about peace lately. The main reason is it is very evident among this body of believers as well as most others you meet, a restless, nervous, intimidated persona.   
      • Many are like Joshua hanging on to a false peace, hoping to get by till something changes.
    • God grants His chosen a real peace.
      • It’s not shaken by circumstances. It’s not held together by cliché’s.
      • It’s not overcome by fear. It’s not depleted by use.
    • Because of the glory God grants to His children. Because of the honor He instills within us, we find a peace that conquers death, fear, anxiety, anger, 
      • This peace is not naive.
      •  It is not ignorant of the surrounding circumstances.
      •  It doesn’t ignore the issues but faces them head on and conquers through the power of that name that is above all names. JESUS! 
    • The reason for this is not that we can flaunt it as we are supreme.
      • But we can live it before the lost and fallen world so they can see a difference in us.
  • God so desires His creation to experience these three qualities.
    • Both here and in heaven.
      • The glorious, honorable, peaceful life doesn’t start once we die and are received in heaven.
      •  God intends for it to start here and now!
    • Christian! Are we helping or hindering the call of Christ?

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