The Apple of His Eye

(Gen 1:3-3:5)                                                     

We hammered out last week the importance of the bible being Theo-centric. God centered. 

Sin has so marred our focus on the truth that we see our issue with sin in our goal driven mind, as something we have to get the victory over instead of sin breaking the very heart of God. It is more about us than about Him.

In the beginning God! If as professing born again believers we don’t have that settled in our hearts than it is for certain there are doubts about the rest.

Today it is obvious that the lost world is at war with God. On the one front it is an open assault against anything Godly, moral, just. But there is a more subtle yet I believe more dangerous front. This attack has been on the authority of the Word of God which is being eroded out from under us.

If asked about creation, it should not surprise you to hear many church gurus, mature believers, leaders, even pastors, use one or more of the following responses. 

There is a gap of millions of years between the first verses of Genesis.

We don’t really know what the days of Genesis mean

The flood was a local even. Fossils are probably millions of years old.

God used evolution to create Adam and Eve.

And there are dozens of more positions that church folk take but they all have one thing in common.  They try to accommodate what secularist believe about origins. The reason is simple. We trust what has authority over our lives. 

Paul warned the church at Corinth. (2Co 11:3) But I fear, lest by any means, as the serpent beguiled Eve through his subtilty, so your minds should be corrupted from the simplicity that is in Christ.

In the garden Satan persuaded Eve to doubt God’s word. It is the exact same tactic he uses today.

The main reason this tactic works so well. We trust what has authority over our lives.

No wonder so many youth and young people have exited the church.

When you place doubt on the very beginning. It is easy to place doubt on the rest.

If you subscribe long ages in Genesis, then death, disease, suffering and thorns come before the fall. Not “VERY GOOD” as God said.

As Paul explains to us where the battle is. Not against flesh and blood.(Eph.6:12). We have to discern with the real attack is. It is not on Christianity but on the authority of scripture.

Rather than allowing scripture to interpret scripture, many have reinterpreted God’s word on the basis of the fallible beliefs of sinful man. Therefore making it all relative, subjective to conditions, instead of absolute.

The gathering of the body> Relative.

Living clean and Holy lives> Relative


Creation. Relative.

When sinful man believes the lie that God’s word is not authoritative, they put themselves in a position of authority over God. Disregarding even rewriting His word, as we spoke about last week, to justify our lifestyles and concepts of life.

So today, you chose. Secularist who insist they know what happened, or one who revealed His handiwork. Whose Pure and Holy essence cannot lie or deceive.

So as we open up scripture today we see Elohiym, The Almighty, All Powerful, and All Authority creating something beautiful from absolutely nothing.

  • Good.
    • After each part of creation, God was pleased with it.
      • He spoke the words it was good.
    • Our minds cannot even imagine what this world looked like.
      • Just like His thoughts are above our thoughts. His good is above our good.
      • Heaven is going to be sooo utterly awesome.
    • With all the heavens and the parts that make up the earth God simply spoke it into existence. With the animals God formed them from the ground.
      • With all of the beginning of His masterpiece,  it was either God said or formed out of the ground.
  • VERY GOOD (Gen.1:26-28)( Gen 2:7)
    • When it came to forming man there is a distinct difference than in the rest of creation.
      • With man it went a little different.
    •  It is as if God pauses before He puts into action the pinnacle of His handiwork. He convenes with the Trinity and decides to do something with man that has not been done with the rest of creation.
      • His decision; create it in their image. It is like He stooped down and from the clay began sculpting. The finished work mankind.
    • It didn’t stop there. Not only did He discuss His plan and fashion us in His image He did even more. (Chp.2:7) rocks my world. God breathed into this new creation His breath of life.
    • That is what God shows us about our nature; it is defined by the fact that we bear His image. He created us with a desire to glorify His name through image bearing.
      • Our whole being points to His glorious name.
      • Don’t get this wrong. Unlike what Oprah teaches there is not a little bit of god in everybody.
    • We bear His image by the way we relate.(chp1:27)
      • God created the male version of mankind then created the female version.
      • Even in the way He created the woman is indicating His plan. From the rib. God is recreating for humanity the same sort of structure that has existed in the Trinity for all of eternity.
    • We bear His image by the way we rule(chp1:28)
      • God attaches to His creation the capacity and responsibility to rule, dominate.
        • These two attributes go together for us to rule rightly. Capacity and responsibility.
      • Here God is also demonstrating leadership. He is bringing us into what He is doing. It is easy for people to do things or get things done, but we are called to bring people on, train, prepare.
    • We bare His image by the way we work.(Gen.2:15)
      • Work was not part of the curse. This is hard but true, how you work, your work ethic, in the home on the job, at church whatever you do is supposed to be bearing His image. 
      • (Col 3:17) And whatsoever ye do in word or deed, do all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God and the Father by him.  How’s it look?
    • We bare His image through rest.(chp2:2)
      • This is not an excuse for laziness. God’s word is full of warning to the lazy.
      • In this second chapter God tells us He rested. It wasn’t that He was exhausted worn out, but knew we would be.
      • We are unlike any other creature in that we are most Like God, but make no mistake, we are not God.
      • One of the most critical ways we can image God to a lost and dying world is to show them we are not Him.
        • If we don’t come apart once in a while we will come apart.
  • Thorn in His side. (chp.3:1-5)
    • We know God created us for His joy, to have an intimate loving relationship with us. Something happened to distort it, to pervert it.
      •  Chapter three opens up a lot like the Christmas carol. And the Marley’s were dead to begin with. When you start off an account of something by describing it as subtle, cunning, crafty its like the Jaws music, something is fixing to get ate.
    • Our act of sin was not primarily about eating a piece of fruit. It was about the exchanging The Truth for a lie.
      • Satan knew, that if he wanted to get Eve to sin, he would need to make her doubt if she could take God at His word.  He planted the idea that God was holding out on her. It wasn’t that God was protecting her from death he was preventing her from really living.
    • When they took that first bite, our grandparents declared that they were going to decide what was best for them.
      • In that moment the creation grasped for the authority that had belonged to God as our creator, and attempted to take it for themselves.
      • We decided to be our own god. 
      • We decided to put ourselves in a position of authority over God. Disregarding even rewriting His word.
    • Before this sin, Adam and Eve believed that God wanted the best for them. He had been providing everything they needed. They had a loving relationship, enjoyed each other.
      • After the rejection they began to think that if we obey God we would miss out on something, that there might be more outside of God’s will for us than in it.
      • Even today there are many who feel God just wants to sabotage our joy and happiness.
    • As I have stated, our act of sin was not primarily about eating a piece of fruit. It was about the exchanging The Truth for a lie.
      • With the eating of the forbidden fruit we in essence were saying to God anyone or anything but you. It is a family trait that is still past down today.
        • We won’t believe God, take Him at His word but we will believe anyone or anything else. 
    • Sin has affected everything. It has distorted every relationship we had; with God, man, and creation.
  • Apple of His eye.(chp.3:14-15)
    • God made a promise to us immediately after we sinned. He promised there was going to be a way to re-right our broken relationship with Him, despite our dead hearts and complete rejection of Him.
      • He would not ignore it, would not pretend it didn’t happen. It would be punished with the full fury of His wrath through a Holy judgment.
    • But instead of aiming that fury towards His creation, His masterpiece, He would pour it out on the voluntary sacrificial Lamb. 
      • His eternal Son would put us back in right relationship at the cost of His precious blood.

In the beginning God.

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