When a good man falls. (even kinda good)

Genesis 9

In this chapter of Genesis we see where all become omnivores. Eating meat and veggies at God’s invitation. We see the principle laid down for the death penalty. We also see the covenant made with Noah and the sign of its assurance. The rainbow.

I might come back to some of these later. When we get down to the end of this chapter we see Noah becoming a farmer. Also a decision with life altering circumstances. Today I want to concentrate on specific warning God is giving to us, His followers.

Listen to these verses.

In proverbs speaking of the seductress,

(Pr 7:26) For she hath cast down many wounded: yea, many strong men have been slain by her.

Paul speaking of the examples in the old testament.

(1Co 10:12) Wherefore let him that thinketh he standeth take heed lest he fall..

It’s always shocking and sad when a good man falls into the snare of sin.  For that matter, even a man, or woman that we have placed a higher standard on.  Somehow we want to believe that if a man has walked with God for years, he builds up an immunity against sin. We want to hope that if we walk with God long enough, the day will come when temptation automatically glances off us. But it just ain’t so!

After walking closely with God for years, George Muller used to pray, “Lord, don’t let me become a wicked old man.” There isn’t one of us, I don’t care how long you’ve been a Christian, who doesn’t face the constant struggle against sin. You never become invulnerable.

Noah is “Exhibit A.” He had walked with God for over 600 years! In a wicked world, Noah stood alone for God. He was the only man on earth whom God saw fit to save from the judgment of the flood. The opportunity to launch a new beginning for the human race stood before him. And what happened? He got drunk and uncovered himself within his tent. Shocking! Disgraceful! Unbelievable! Is this the same Noah?

Some have tried to exonerate Noah by arguing that he didn’t know about fermentation, and got drunk accidentally. Other explanations have been suggested. But since drunkenness and nakedness are always presented in the Bible in a shameful light, we must conclude that Noah sinned. Noah’s sin shows us that:

  • Even the godliest are prone to sin.
    • Noah was top of the line.
      • When it comes to godliness He was the most righteous man on the earth before the flood.
      • Centuries later, through Ezekiel, God listed Noah, Daniel, and Job as three of the most righteous men in history ( Esk.14:20)!
      • In the New Testament he is listed in the heroes of faith in Hebrews and in Peters account he is called a preacher of righteousness.
      • He wasn’t an on again off again follower.
  • Past godliness doesn’t guarantee future godliness.
    •  You don’t build up an immunity toward sin.
    • That is why we can never coast.
    • The devil don’t take vacation he wants to see those who are true, fall.
    • Neither age nor maturity provide protection against temptation.
      • We must walk in dependence upon the Lord daily.
    • Sadly even here, we have those who feel their private devotions and their “timed served” adds up to protection, righteousness, godliness.
  • We are often the most vulnerable when the pressure is off.
    • Think about it. When he was surrounded by wickedness, Noah lived righteously. But when the storm was over and he and his family were the only ones on earth, Noah fell into sin.
      • When the pressure is off, our guard comes down.
    • Those who live righteously before God know their own propensity toward sin and live in constant dependence upon the Lord.
      • They stay faithful, committed, convinced.

Ham, Noah’s son, saw the nakedness of his father and told his two brothers. They carefully covered up their father. When Noah awoke, he knew what Ham had done to him.

I don’t understand everything about this incident but I do know this:

Ham looked upon his father’s nakedness, either with lust or with delight and amusement. He went and told his brothers, not in a spirit of grief and concern, but with the attitude, “Hey, do you guys want to see something funny?”

His flippancy toward his father’s nakedness revealed two things about Ham: He had no shame and grief toward moral failure; and, he disrespected his father.

The text gives great detail of how the other two brothers carefully walked backward so as not to gaze on their father’s nakedness as they covered him

Let me state this: God is serious about honoring our daddies and moms.

  • We are so used to having moral filth dumped into our lives.
    • Rather through t.v., phone, computer, friends. We are daily doused with sin.
      • Sadly many have become accustomed to it and no longer bothers them.
      • They justify or down play their sinful choices while highlighting yours.
    • Understand some of this is our own fault. Calling, personalities, prejudices, and personal preferences, sin instead of what God calls sin.
      • We have led the offensive revolution without even knowing it.
    • As we have seen in the pursuit of Holiness study. We have personal responsibility.
      • As born again believers we have to discipline ourselves.
      • To study, pray, spend quality time with our Lord.
      • Spend quality time with fellow believers.
  • Know your heart.
    • Ham had probably helped his father build the ark while the neighbors laughed.
      • Outwardly, he went along with the program. But in his heart, he hated his father’s righteousness.
      • His heart was really with the world, not with his father.
      • Even though he saw the horrors of God’s judgment through the flood, he was delighted when he finally saw his father sin.
      • It gave him reason to justify his own sinful desires.
  • Know your heart.
    •  Let’s be honest. We already know our heart.
      • If you’re constantly offended when God points out your shallow uncommitted life through His word, His messenger. You might be more like Ham than you want to admit.
      • If your standing on past victories, holding on to what you have taught, lead, done. You’re a prime target for the devil.

Today please listen; (1Co 10:12) Wherefore let him that thinketh he standeth take heed lest he fall..

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