Sermon Date: 6/6/21

Genesis 12

We have gone through 11 chapters of the book of Genesis. During this time you might have noticed some interesting things in how the beginning took shape.

We started with a conniving couple, fatal farmer, plastered preacher and a hero hunter. Seems like God don’t always use and do with the same ones we would choose to accomplish things with.

Has it ever dawned on you  we have a different evaluation of people then God does.

Seriously look at the way God chose to accomplish His plan, would we have done any of it that way?

Sometime I think we out holied the Holiest One, out righteoused the Righteous One. It gives us a false pretense of our self- worth. Don’t confuse what I am saying. God thought we were priceless, He made us in His image, breathed His breath in us, and paid our sinful debt with the blood of His precious Son. Too often the way we look at His creation we feel we are better than them. Take God out of a person then they aint worth a dime.

With this thought in mind it is no surprise who God uses to create His nation. In God’s eyes he is a pretty important character, for He devotes 25% to him in this book. He is an inhabitant of Ur, an important center of moon worship on the Great Euphrates. He is from the Godly line of Shem but most probable like his neighbors he is an idolatrous pagan. Though most of his ancestry has been forgotten, God has not forgotten.

What we see in the life of Abram is a picture of the life of the believer. The statement of faith, the step of faith, the path of faith, the fight of faith.

  • The statement of Faith. (1-3)
    • As is the norm with the God of creation; He initiates the contact.
      • God came down to walk with Adam, God ask Cain about his brother, God called out Noah, and here God is calling out Abram.
      • He still works the same today. We don’t wake up one day and begin seeking God. The bible says :(Joh 6:44) No man can come to me, except the Father which hath sent me draw him: and I will raise him up at the last day.
    • He starts with the statement of faith. You trust me and this is what will happen.
      • (V2-3)God gives clear and precise directives and what Abram can expect in return.
      • He did the same for us and even wrote it down in case we forgot.
    • The bible is God clear and precise directives for redeeming His creation and what it means to be redeemed.
    • Abram was in the land of Ur when God came to Him and called him to move away. The call of salvation is always followed by the call of separation.
      • God is serious about the sanctification of His people. The setting apart for His use. It always starts with separation.
      • Separation is setting apart from something, sanctification is a setting apart for something
    • What Jesus is recorded saying in the gospel of Luke is not request but a command.      (Lu 14:26) If any man come to me, and hate not his father, and mother, and wife, and children, and brethren, and sisters, yea, and his own life also, he cannot be my disciple.  (27) And whosoever doth not bear his cross, and come after me, cannot be my disciple.
      • We understand that hate is not used the way we use it, but means loves less. If our decisions, our actions, our directions are based on family or self-promotion, anything other than our commitment to Him, we are a hypocrite.
    • I am very aware in today’s watered downed, tolerant adapted sermonettes that is heard across the globe today this is not a popular view.
      • I’m not here to be popular but truthful. I want you to know this uncommitted, uncaring, unrepentant Christianity light that is being promoted and accepted today is not the same as what Jesus Himself spoke of.
    • This is very important. God told Abram three things he wanted him to leave. His country, his kindred and his father’s house.
      • (V4-5) tells us he left his country.
      • He is no longer in Ur. He left Haran, the place of his birth and the place where he was established.
      • He left his father’s house. The comfort and security of familiarity.
      • But we see he took some kindred.  Lot will be a subject of discussion a few times in Abrams life.
    • So often like Abram we obey part of God’s invitation only to hold on to something we believe either is not important or we can’t do without.
      • Here is a worthy note: if God brings to your attention it is important!
      • These things we hold on to always come back and becomes a source of competition in our walk with God.
  • There are two reasons for God’s demand for Abrams separation.
    • God had Abram turn his back on all things of familiarity.
      • We are creatures of habit. When we get in a bind we will turn to what we know.
      • This is a lesson in faith. He no longer has what he is comfortable with. He no longer has what he use to trust. He burnt his bridges so there was no way back
        • We need some bridge burning in our lives.
      • I am no way telling you God is wanting you to move to an obscure place to survive, but one of the greatest detriments to faith is not diving in, holding back.
    • Oswald Chambers speaks of total abandonment. In the opening page of his devotional Utmost for His Highest he states “My determination is to be my utmost for His highest. To get there is a determination of the will, not of debate nor of reasoning, but a surrender of the will” …  
      • Jesus in His parable of the hidden treasure, in the13th chapter of Matthew; spoke of a man who purchased a field. He sold all he had with joy because he knew what he was getting was better than what he had.
      • He purposely gave up what he had to obtain what he could get. He was sold out, he bought in. he believed so much in what he was doing it affected every part of his life. 
      •   What are you investing in? That is where your faith is. That is where your heart is.
    • The other reason for his separation was obedience.
      • Obedience activates faith. It is here that what you said you believe in, what you said you trust in, what you said has authority over your life, it is through obedience you give proof of genuine, saving conversion.
        • When we step out and obey it is then God gives us the confidence the security of knowing we can trust Him.       
      • Where obedience activates faith, disobedience deactivates it. We fall back into that dark foreboding worry of how are we gonna make it, what can I do, should we do this?
    • There are those here today who started out well, but are having difficulty in their walk because of disobedience. The only way to get back into the relationship is to jump in.
      • Repent, then dive.
  • There are those here today who need to burn some bridges.
    • You continue to hold on to something incase God don’t pan out. You will never experience His freedom, His power, His peace, until you decide rather He is worth selling all for.
  • There are those here today who like Abram feel the Holy-Spirit of God calling them out.
    • It sounds scary leaving all behind but in truth its gaining more than you ever let go.

As we look around at the shape our world is in, we see many signs. These aren’t meant to worry, us scare us, but to turn our attention back to Him. God is still at the helm, still in control, His plan is still being enacted. He wants you to be a part of it.

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