All Things Are Justifiable

(Genesis 19)

When we start reading this chapter it doesn’t take long until we are standing there in utter amazement. Did I just read what I thought I read? Is that really in the bible?

Before we started protecting ourselves from God, becoming divine interpreters, making God’s word not so offensive, intolerant, and more palatable for our self-righteous soul. God said things plainly. Didn’t leave things to chance, guess, or maybes.

In this “in your face” chapter of the Living Word of God, He lays it out flat. What is the world without God? Let’s see.

Read. Gen 19.

Where it is easy for us to get caught up in the vile wretchedness of this account in history, the main point is not about how sinful people were as much as what happens when a righteous man falls.

(Pr 25:26) A righteous man falling down before the wicked is as a troubled fountain, and a corrupt spring.

When we recall the events leading us here, it is evident, though Lot was influenced by a great follower of The One True God, he chose the generic brand of walk instead of The Real Thing. It cost him. oooohhhh did it cost him.

  • A justifiable journey.
    • In (Chp.13, V10) he sees the plain of Jorden as the garden of God(Eden) and as Egypt.
      • It is clear because he has been subjected to the lifestyle of the Egyptians he has developed a taste for it.
      • Though Lot has left Egypt. Egypt hasn’t left Lot.
    • (v12)  we read, “He pitched his tent toward Sodom.” 
      • It is a dangerous thing to pitch your tent toward Sodom.
      •  In the next verse, we read: (Ge 13:13) But the men of Sodom were wicked and sinners before the LORD exceedingly.
    • We somehow have a strange attraction toward sin. 
      • We find it rather fascinating. There is a dangerous curiosity about evil.
    • There are always those who like to play with fire and hope that they will not get burned.
      • They like to live on the edge.
      • Their goal is to see how close they can live to the world and still maintain their fellowship with the Lord.
      • Ask them and they will say they are fine.
      • The scripture warns us: (JAMES 4:4) That the friendship of the world is enmity with God. Whosoever therefore will be a friend of the world is the enemy of God.
    • The next time we see Lot, he is living in Sodom.
      • As in the Psalm, (1:1) it so often begins with walking in the counsel of the ungodly, then moves on to standing in the way with sinners, and finally, you are sitting in the seat of the scornful.
      • Once you turn and begin to move in the direction of Sodom, it always seems to be progressive.
  •  A justifiable jump.
    • And Lot had become a leader in the community, serving as a judge. What a position to influence people. Right?
      • Being a righteous man, a moral man. Being influenced in how to be a man, You’d think this would have a happy ending. But it doesn’t.
    • Remember? Abraham, out of concern for Lot and his family, eventually convinced the Lord that if He could find 10 righteous people in the city of Sodom.
      • The odds were stacked in Sodom’s favor. 
      • After all, Lot and his family were there. We know he had a wife and two daughters, who were engaged to be married. So…there’s six right there. 
      • Surely he had enough influence on the people around him that God would be able to find just four more righteous people in the entire city of Sodom.
    • But instead of being an influence, changing the culture from the inside out by being a powerful dose of salt and light…
      • Lot and his family allowed the sinfulness of the community around them to influence them. 
    • Lot and his family were in a position of influence.
      • (Ps 75:6-7) For promotion cometh neither from the east, nor from the west, nor from the south. (7) But God is the judge: he putteth down one, and setteth up another.
      • But instead of living a life of holiness in the midst of sinfulness, they chose to allow the corruption to taint their own lives as well.
      • To bring them down. 
  • Justifiable grace.
    • Whereas God would have been justified in destroying Lot and his family along with the rest.
      • (Mt 5:13) Ye are the salt of the earth: but if the salt has lost his savour, wherewith shall it be salted? it is thenceforth good for nothing, but to be cast out, and to be trodden under foot of men.
    • The Almighty showed mercy, grace justified. 
      • Just as if it never happened.
    • We were doomed to the same fate of Sodom and Gomorrah. 
      • But God, The Almighty, has shown us grace, mercy.
    • When Jesus came to give Himself as a sacrifice for our sins, He came to rescue us from the destructive paths that we were on. 
      • Like Lot and his family, we, too, had pitched our tents within the city limits of the wicked.
      • And that sinful choice demands judgment. It demands punishment. It demands death.
      • We were doomed to the same fate of Sodom and Gomorrah. 
    • But God has given us an escape route through Jesus. 
      • He has invited us into a life that is full of hope and joy and peace and abundance. 
    • It’s a journey.
      • It’s a journey away from the things that are not of God. It’s a journey of holiness. It’s a journey of becoming more and more like Him as we draw closer and closer to Him.
      • Even in this crazy time we are living, God has amazing things ahead of us. He has amazing things He wants to do to us, in us, and through us – right here, right now…and in the future, too.
    • Make NO mistake. Jesus reminds us( Lu 9:62) And Jesus said unto him, No man, having put his hand to the plow, and looking back, is fit for the kingdom of God.    
      • We cannot drag our feet. We cannot turn back and secretly long for the lifestyle we once had before we came to know Him. 
      • We must put all of that behind us and move away from it. 
      • That’s why Jesus Christ came to die for us – He came to put that past behind us.

Throughout the story of the people of God as displayed in the Old Testament, we see time and time again how when things got a little bit tough, they started to wonder what might have been if they’d stayed where they were. 

  • Let me tell you: 
    • God loves you where you are. But He doesn’t want to leave you there.
    • He wants to shape you and make you into the person He has planned for you to be since the dawn of creation.
    •  He has amazing things He wants to accomplish through you, good works, which He has prepared for you in advance.
    • But you can only reach the potential that God has envisioned for you if you leave that past life.
      • The one of sinful choices and destructive, self-centered decisions and turn and trust Jesus. Don’t hesitate.

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