What’s it about!?

I’ve always found it hard to talk about Jesus with my family, or anything to do with my faith really. I suppose it’s not that I’m embarrassed about Jesus himself but that I don’t want to say the wrong thing to my family that would make them not like Jesus. Like that’s possible.

I can’t think for a second that I’m the first person to ever have these fears. In fact, in Mark 6:4 we find Jesus dealing with this exact thing, his family and their preconceived ideas of him. He had gone home to preach the message. These people, knowing who he was and where he had come from, heard the message but didn’t believe. They knew this kid, how could he know any of this stuff or have any authority to teach this.


Similar to Jesus’ home town, we too, get blind to the truth before us. We know our bible, we know what it says, we go to church and all the functions involved with it. Our ears become dull after a time, and we become complacent, not really living the word just going through the motions. So when the Word is spoken new to us, in a different light, we don’t always accept it. I’m not saying that we just up and take everyone at their word who is preaching Jesus, always read your Bible and know what is says. I’m saying that we are created for relationships, with Jesus and the family he has given us. Not just the one we were born into but the church family we are received into as Born Again Christians. We are to gather with our families and worship.


We have church every Sunday and Wednesday. We have classes and different subjects that we study, just for the purpose of understanding God’s word and really getting to know him better. I think though, sometimes we get lost in the trivial matters and the particulars, we forget that we aren’t meant to understand everything God does. Jesus’ hometown missed the message, the truth, the way, the light, all because they already knew who he was. The whole Bible is about Jesus, from cover to cover! Every study we do should lead us back to HIM! It’s ok to have a discussion on a matter of words and meanings of a particular passage, but in the end, people knowing the love of Jesus and his saving grace, his mercy, that’s what matters.

I’ve heard recently that some are tired and burnt out and weary. What if Jesus would have been too tired and burnt out to preach to 5000 and then feed them, or to weary to carry a cross to Calvary, what if he just didn’t have the patience to deal with other people. You know he didn’t at times, he would often go and pray by himself in quiet, seeking his father for renewing of his spirit. My main photo for this post is of a beautiful woman who touched many lives with her kindness, love and her occasional abrupt approach to matters. Similar to Jesus she didn’t beat around the bush she got right to the point. She also did it with love. She managed more than once to put me in my place while letting me know I was loved. Knowing that, I got a lot to learn. She never quit though, she was always going. If there was something going on to tell people about Jesus, this lady was first in line to sign up to help. What if she had gotten burnt our before Jesus called her home? How many of us would have missed out on, or not be as far along in our relationship with Jesus, if it wasn’t for her courage and faith to keep going?


It’s not easy dealing with a world that’s not our home or the people in it honestly. So when you get to the lowest of low just call home. The problem with that, don’t wait till you’re that far down, that you can’t even get to your knees.

I started off talking about sharing Jesus with family because it’s something that I struggle with. There are some things Jesus tells us to do in the Bible where our friends and family are concerned that are not always the easiest. My point in all this, if you think no one has ever dealt with what you are dealing with and there isn’t anyone who can help you, you are dead wrong. You are short changing yourself, selling yourself short and not allowing God’s people to work in your life.

We as humans, as Christians are made for relationships, the key to all that is making and developing the right ones. Starting with Jesus!


You need a ride. Whether across town, across the parking lot or you’re just going to lunch with your friends. Better yet it’s your car, you’re doing the driving, you’re the one giving the lift, either way the front passenger side floorboard is full of garbage. We’re talking half way up to your knees. From junk mail, soda cans, leftover fast food, you even have a grocery bag full of garbage where you attempted to clean the car out, and then didn’t finish. There’s a few candy wrappers thrown in there, you might even find your good pen down there. If you could think of the one thing you’ve been looking for all week long that you can’t find, it’s probably in that front floorboard.


But you haven’t had time to clean it out, between the morning rush, the afternoon rush, the weekend hurry, the lunch busy, the Sunday sleep, and in between clocking in and out at work, the front floorboard of your truck just hasn’t been at the top of your to-do list.

Think about all that garbage, like sin, each little piece represents a sin in your life and as it builds up and built up, we leave it there and we don’t do anything about it. When people climb into our space and into the area of our lives, they have to climb over that sin to get to the real us. You wouldn’t think that they have to deal with that but they do. Because you see if we’re the ones driving our life, then they’re the ones that are riding, catching all the junk we throw over there. They’re the ones that are having to shove their feet knee deep into our sin just to have something to do with us, knee deep into our mess because they love us, and if the people that love us are willing to do that, shouldn’t we be willing to deal with our sin.


First off you got to admit that you got a floorboard full of junk. You need to admit that you got problems. Everyone has problems. For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God, Romans 3:23. Everybody has garbage in the truck, unless it’s just been detailed, and even then you got that little paper thing in the driver side covering the mat, and that’s automatically garbage. So it doesn’t matter how clean you think your truck is you’re always going to have garbage.

But every time you get out of your truck, take a little bit of that garbage as you go. Throw it away. Ask for forgiveness, that’s all you have to do and your sins are washed away. They are as far as the East is from the West, from you. Will we have more garbage? Yeah, but that doesn’t mean it has to stay there, that doesn’t mean your loved ones and your friends and your children and your spouse have to trip over it.


Romans 3:24 goes on to say, we are justified freely by grace through the redemption that is in Jesus Christ. There are some key words there. The first is free or freely if you want to get technical. The other word there is Grace, which if your floorboard looks like mine right now I need a lot of. Then Redemption, we all need to be redeemed, and the only way we can be redeemed is through Jesus Christ.

You can handle your floorboard, hand your heart over to Jesus.sunflower-sun-summer-yellow.jpg

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